Images for Christmas cards
Mixture of both tradtional and digital media to creat a strong look for Christmas images.
Children's book illustration
Mostly digital images produced for a social # called colour collective. The twitter handle gives you a weekly colour and asks you to produce in any media, an image or object. All must be published at the same time thus hopefully creating a trend on twitter.
Self initiated mixed media projects
Hand drawn watercolout texture for a client brief and a few images that I was also able to collate from the existing images I had.
The Little Girl and her dog
A series of digital images that appeared over dinner one night. It was interesting to see where the little girl was going....
Little girl Blue
This was a piece I did for the the twitter handle, colour collective. I wanted her to stand out against the drab colours behind her wearing her blue coat.
Ohh_deer : Pillow fight
Self initiated digital project that started off trying to do a 1/2 drop step and repeat pattern. I didn't win.....
British Cassis
Promotional postcard for British Cassis handed out to customers with the drink mix on the reverse, followed through to social media with editorial illustrations.
Pop Art
Self initiated project for ASOS and RHMG for emerging artists to be embedded in popular art culture.
Fentimans grapefruit serve
Editorial project in watercolour to be used by Fentimans for promo work on their social media feed.
Gin, Gin
Private commission for an invite to a 50th birthday party held in the grounds of a private estate in Herefordshire.
2wo faced
Personal project capturing human spirit in brush strokes with pen and ink outline.
The Belleville Collective
Watercolour with hand drawn inkwork for the landing page of a drinks PR company based in the UK and Paris.
Character book illustration
Hand drawn illustrations for picture books. Digital and traditional media.
Hand drawn line work for digital colouring
Hand drawn and digital images for Christmas
Digital and watercolour portraits
Simple characters that are on trend and ever so slightly wonky....
Editorial work
Hand drawn images for magazine and web based clients
Digital and traditional work for animals. This really is an exercise in mixed media covering two different market places; B2B and end client.
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